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Live at the Dead Sea

52 minutes | 2015

Director: Oren Ben David, Guy Zakh | DOP: Ilya Marcus | Producer: Independent

At sunrise, January 15th 2016, the psychedelic rock band ‘Tiny Fingers’ begun playing its latest album “The Fall” fully and continuously, over the northern shores of the Dead Sea.
The one hour long film brings together the unique performance of the live music with a documentation of nature cinematography, capturing the multitude of views, shades and landscapes surrounding the ever changing region.
The film begins in complete darkness and accompanies the band and nature from early twilight up to the moment
when the first ray of light touches the soil of the lowest place on Earth.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, 2018

  • Cinema South International Film Festival, 2017


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